Residence Collection

The Residence Collection Windows Hertfordshire

Introducing Herts Glass’s Residence Collection windows – the epitome of elegance and functionality, and the finest timber alternative window offerings available today. Thoughtfully designed and made in Great Britain, the It presents a premium suite of window systems, each tailor-made to bring style, charm, and superior performance to homes across Hertfordshire and surrounding areas. Whether you are embarking on a self-build project or undertaking a home renovation, our Residence Collection, available in exquisite R9, R7, or R2 ranges, stands as the perfect solution.

As a Certass registered installer, Herts Glass promises installations that meet the highest industry standards, offering you peace of mind alongside an improved aesthetic appeal. Trust in our dedicated team to guide and support you throughout the entire process as you experience the blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern performance.

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Flush design
7 chambers
1.2W/m²K as standard
3 different styles
Timber look alike joints
Low in maintenance
Butt hinges
16 different colours
Dual colour available
Customisable furniture

Why choose The Residence Collection

The Residence Collection, with its array of benefits, redefines what you can expect from a window system. These windows are designed to authentically replicate 19th-century timber designs, giving your home a classic aesthetic with a modern twist. With an exceptional A++ energy rating, you can count on enhanced thermal efficiency that could save you on heating costs. Further elevating your home’s uniqueness, the collection offers a rich palette of 23 colour options to perfectly match your home’s decor.

Whether you choose double or triple glazed options, the superior performance remains uncompromised. Our R9 windows feature a robust 100mm frame, while the R7 offers a sleek 70mm frame, catering to diverse design preferences. Add to this a vast array of accessories, and customization becomes effortless. It is through this innovative blend of design and technological advancement that it outperforms many other systems on the market. Choose the Residence Collection for a truly outstanding home transformation.