Glass Polishing & Glass Repairs Watford

Glass Polishing & Glass Repairs Watford

Glass Repairs Watford never like before! Don’t replace it, we repair it.

From a single light scratch to a heavy deep scratch, we can repair your scratched glass within a matter of hours.

We specialise in the restoration of scratched glass, working closely with businesses in the construction and trade industries. We can undertake scratched glass repairs in situ on construction sites, commercial properties, and residential properties.

We are specialists in scratch removal and glass repair in Watford and Buckinghamshire including:

  • Graffiti Scratches & Acid Etching
  • Cleaning & Decorating Scratches
  • Plant & Scaffold Scratches
  • Weld & Grind Spatter

Sometimes the initial thought is to replace the scratched glass panel with a new one. This route can be time consuming whilst the process of ordering and installing the glass is being carried out. We are pleased to be able to provide an alternative solution to those considering this option, sometimes referred to as glass polishing. Our glass repair is on average 80% cheaper than the cost of replacement.

There will be occasions where we are unable to remove your unwanted scratch damage. This may be due to the thickness of the glass, the location of the scratch (within 20mm of the framework), the surface texture of the glass, however if for any reason your glass can not be repaired we can give you a quote for a replacement

Why not send us a picture of your damaged glass to get a quote?