Certass Registered

What is Certass?

CERTASS is a Competent Person Scheme that was established in 2006. It is one of the largest and widely recognised regulatory bodies in the double glazing industry. It vets, regulates, and assesses all its members. This is how it ensures their double glazing installation meets all the building regulations and industry standards.

As per the building regulations, any double glazing replacement in your home has to be certified compliant by local authorities. CERTASS is a competent person scheme that monitors its members to assure compliance.

As a result, they are qualified to give the certificate of compliance after installation. This saves you the effort of having to seek it from your local building authority. They will also register your installation with the authorities for no additional charge.

How does it operate?

They are licensed by the Department of Communities and Local Government. This means they have been given the authority by them to assess and approve building regulations. When they register an installation company, they first ensure that the company complies with these regulations.

They vet them for quality and knowledge of regulations. In short, they ensure that the company is good enough by industry standards before they register them. As a result, when you hire that company, you have a government-approved body backing them up.

What Are the Benefits of Using CERTASS Registered Installers?


In order to become a CERTASS registered installer, one must meet stringent quality requirements. As a result, when you hire an installer registered with CERTASS, you know you are getting superior quality and high reliability. Your double glazing installation is sure to withstand the test of time.


With an installer not registered with CERTASS, it is your responsibility to get a certificate of compliance from your local building authority. Non-compliance can get you and your installer prosecuted. Additionally, you cannot be sure about their skill, experience, and technical know-how until after the installation. As a result, you can’t know for sure if your double glazing meets building regulations or not.


When you hand over the deposit to a CERTASS certified installer, you have the assurance that it is protected. Such an installer is bound by the standards set by the scheme. Moreover, it is impossible for him to cheat you as the regulatory body will ensure that your rights as a customer are not violated.


All reputed installers will give you a guarantee on their installation. With CERTASS approved installers, you will get a 10 year guarantee. This is an assurance that your double glazing will function effectively for a minimum of 10 years. As a result, you get the peace of mind as well as a product that will last you years without breaking down.


In addition to a 10 year guarantee, CERTASS approved installers also offer you an insurance policy. This policy is designed to cover the 10 year guarantee. In case your double glazing breaks down or does not perform as expected, your 10 year guarantee is backed by an insurance cover.